Brown Glucose

April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014

Ode to a Node:

Have a heart, and have no fear,
The SA node is over here.
Beating at a constant rate,
60-100 is really great.
The AV node can make a show
If SA node has gone too slow.
40-60 is not too bad,
If it’s all you’ve got, you will be glad.
Should the whole thing drop its speed,
His and bundle branches will take the lead.
And that, my friend is the whole and part,
Of the conduction system of your heart.

Pitiful and Corney, to say the least.  Taken from the book “Flip and See ECG.”
April 23, 2014



ive never had brown liquor.

Don’t do it.

I only drink brown and tequila

April 23, 2014


canteloupe and honeydew are foul

These fruits are why I stay away from fruit salads.

April 23, 2014



my number one piece of advice is drink water and stay hydrated. we are made out of water. everything in us is made of water. and u are sitting there drinking a diet coke tellin me that’s all you’ve had to drink today. please get up and drink some water. for the love of god.

i’m stressed out rn how can this be a revelation to so many people

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April 23, 2014




4 worst fruits: banana, mango, papaya and kiwi 


This is so ugly. ​

Bye OP

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April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014


can’t trust you if you aren’t happy for successful black women 

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April 23, 2014

discontinue raisin bran 2k14

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April 23, 2014
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I’m just so proud that Cam has been back at school and is excited about graduating next month! Get that Sociology degree sweetheart!

April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014

Why are they picking up the garbage at this hour?

April 23, 2014