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I would be at work for this……dammit.

Girl he is everything! His voice is just so…ugh lol.

The things I would do to him! And the thing I would let him do to me are unholy.

how do you take off waterproof pencil eyeliner? i know its random but pls answer thanks
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Why do y’all ask me simple things like this on anon? But I use cold pressed coconut oil to remove tough make up.

You've obviously never heard of the LAPD
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Both are equally horrendous and over zealous in apprehending black bodies.


brownglucose Kliff Kingsbury is on Highly Questionable!!! lol

I would be at work for this……dammit.

Girls love beyonce. By me. I am not an artist, but I’m still sensitive about my shit.


Of course girls love Beyoncé, I feel flawless when listening.

You say I’m not all the way in this, but baby you ain’t no different.

These days I barely be hearing all the bullshit you spitting. You say you fully committed but yo inbox tells me different.

I was scared to let somebody in but I thought you would prove me wrong. You blew our trust it’s gone.

I had curved all the admirers that blew up my phone, but since you wanna act up just know I wont be alone, but if you’re alone then….


Uh say my name , say my name. Yo other girl’s a wack bitch, to be me she has to practice, is this some sort of game?

I don’t have time for uncertainty , I dont have time for checking your hoes, while you change your demeanor, to make me look bad when we know you’re the cheater .

This is why I’ve been saying, these niggas ain’t loyal either. So pack your shit and go. Hope y’all happy at her parents home.

I have more time for me, time slowed down once yo ass was gone. Instead of worrying about you I can’t decide which lipstick to put on.

All my girls are baddies, we stack money and we take yo hoes. Where’d we learn these values? We learned it from niggas who like to tell you:

"i’m just tryna find a reason not to go out every evening"

you can save that for the next. I found someone else and he’s the best.

I found someone I can ride through the city with, when I come through he holds open the door. He gives it to me and I always want more . He makes me feel like a woman and I’m proud to say he’s my man. With him I not only found a lover but I found a friend….what was your name again?

Love it

ur hair looks great

Thank you!