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Happy Birthday brownglucose May all your wishes come true baby girl.

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Funny awkward moment


A few ago I was messing with this guy in Austin. This was back during my ratchet days so me and some girls went to Texas Relays out there one year. As soon as I got to Austin I went to go see him. We hung out but got cut short cause he had to go to campus. I ended up meeting with friends and went to the Kappa probate at UT. And guess who had ended up crossing? He did! I was live cause all the girls around me was talking about how fine he was and I was just sitting there like, “Yup, I’m hitting that.” Over the weekend I ended up staying in San Marcos with some friends. Saturday night, we went to 6th street or whatever. I got lowkey drunk and told him I was staying the night with him. He was cool with it. I drove my friends back to San Marcos and drove back to Austin at like 3 in the morning. We have sex and fall asleep. About a hour later, I hear a knock on his door. I tried to wake him but he didn’t get up so I went and opened the door. There was a whole ass female standing at the door dawg. And her facial impression was the funniest thing I had ever seen. She was like, “Oh! Well I’m _____ and I sometimes stay here with _____ when I’m locked out my apartment.”
I said, “Well, he’s sleep right now and I’m not sure what you want me to do.”
She completely just walked away. Homegirl thought she was getting dicked down that night. Nah shawty, gotta wait until I go back to Houston. That’s mine for now.
That shit was horribly funny dawg. I feel bad now.

My bitch :-)



I feel like when the 50 shades movie comes out there are gonna be a lot of aspiring daddy doms in those theaters, fully suited and carrying a clipboard. taking notes and saying “oh yes of course” throughout the film

UGHHHHH thats why i did NOT like that book. it only makes BDSM seem like torture and shit and thats not what its about like damn i hate that book. 

LOL I really want to see the film but not with large crowds. I like going in the morning with the housewives and old ladies from the retirement homes.

Very interesting read about how people in restaurants ruin their own meals and dining experience via the overuse of social media.

LMAO Does anyone else see these Sports Center commercials and just double over in laughter.