Brown Glucose


I think I’ll wear my hair up in a huge bun for the wedding. This one is casual. Pics to come later!

I’m going to be courteous enough not to have a wedding during football season. To my wedding guests, you’re welcome.

When I see people say things referencing not wearing white after Labor Day, I immediately decide to mentally disregard anything they have to say about fashion thereafter. 

Who told me it was ok for me to drink and watch The Notebook AND live blog about it? Y’all are all horrible people for letting last night go down like it did. I cried like 5 times. 

XKit & Chrome (Betas)


Unfortunately, Chrome decided to block non-HTTPS requests on HTTPS pages on the latest beta version.

This affects XKit in two ways: one is that all XKit servers must support HTTPS now, something that my current web hosting service does not support properly (they do, but it’s so half-baked it doesn’t even work properly) and now I can’t access version 1 of Tumblr API because it doesn’t support HTTPS, meaning I have to re-write a huge portion of XKit (including Timestamps, Blog Tracker, View on Dash, and more).

I had to buy another web hosting service, from a difference provider, to fix the first problem. I’ve requested a SSL certificate, required for HTTPS, and it’s “pending” right now, so I’m not sure when it will be activated. I’ll be transferring all the data to these new servers soon.

For the second problem, I don’t know what to do yet. All I know is that since it’s a huge rewrite, it will take some time.

In the meanwhile, you have two options: use the “stable” version of Chrome, or click on the gray shield on the right side of the address bar to temporarily allow XKit to work whenever it appears.

I’m sorry about this. I’ll keep you updated.


Jury Summons

I’m just now seeing my mail from yesterday and idk if I can accurately describe how terrified I was when I saw my letter from the Sheriff’s Office. Turns out it’s just a summons for jury duty. I can’t even complain about lopsided juries if I don’t do my duty as an able bodied citizen to serve when called. Plus, I wouldn’t mind having a day off from work anyway.